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Use of this website means that you have understood and accepted the following disclaimer terms and conditions:

The website is an information resource about mental health, well-being first aid and work-based training.

In no event shall liability exist to any user (or any third party who obtains access to the information) under any law for any loss or damage (including but not limited to direct, indirect, economic and consequential damage) in respect of any matter whatsoever related to any information in the website nor for the use of the information nor for actions taken or not taken as a result of information contained in the website (including, without limitation, loss or damage caused by negligence).

The material contained on this website is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute care, treatment or other professional advice. Due to the general nature of the information on this site, should you require specific help, you should seek the assistance of an appropriately trained professional person.

While every care has been taken in the preparation of the information, due to the nature of the website, the information may not be complete, correct or up to date.

Links to Other Sites:

Our website has links to many other agencies. You should be aware that:

  • If you access another site through a link we provide, you are subject to the privacy policy of that site.

  • Links to other websites do not constitute an endorsement of that website by the Mind Gains Ltd

  • Mental Health First Aid Ireland is not responsible for the contents of any pages referred from this website.

  • As a general rule, where links are requested on Mind Gains Ltd .ie pages, we will link to services related. We do not provide links to or promote commercial services that are unconnected to health and social care services.

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