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We provide in-house mental health first aid support solutions


We understand the importance of finding a balance between achieving business goals and managing mental health and wellbeing.


We understand that to thrive and maximise profitability a business needs to be competitive and goal focussed. We can help you to successfully balance mental health and wellbeing alongside these goals, including when performance may be challenged.


Sustainable wellbeing will only be achieved by giving people the tools and confidence to make lifestyle changes for themselves.

For small companies and organisations that lack spare capacity, we provide a Mental Health First Aid Support Service. For an annual fee, businesses have access to a trained Mental Health First Aider via video or telephone providing support to managers and employees in respect of mental health issues. This can be more cost-effective than training in-house mental health first aiders for some organisations


Our mental health first aid support service is designed to support employees in achieving wellness and help them adopt a self-care attitude to their own wellbeing.

Packages start from £299 per annum (1-10) employees

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